I firmly believe that dog training should be joyful for people and their dogs, especially when it comes to sports. I love helping handlers figure out what motivates their dogs best and using that to make the most of their training sessions. I am committed to staying educated on the most current and effective, science-based methods for training dogs and sharing them with my students. My goal is to welcome new teams to the dog sport community, and coach existing dog sport participants toward their personal goals. 

“Love the dog first and the sport second.”

Kaylee Anagnos, ANWI

Kaylee has been training, trialing, and showing dogs since her start with Massachusetts 4-H in 2012 with her Bearded Collie mix, Fenway. After working as a pet groomer, Kaylee began her journey of becoming a professional handler by assisting many of the top AKC handlers in the US, traveling to and working at dog shows, and beginning to take on her own show clients. A pandemic, a move west, and a desire to focus on her Bearded Collie breeding program have given her the opportunity to venture into other dog sports and share her experience through teaching. She is currently an Associate Nosework Instructor (ANWI) and working towards certification with the NACSW. Kaylee is an active member of the Northwest Bearded Collie Club of Puget Sound, Bearded Collie Club of America, Northwest K9 Sniffers, and has titled dogs in conformation, obedience, nosework, rally, herding, and tricks.