K9 Nose Work® is a game based on professional detection dog training in which dogs learn to use their innate desire to hunt and magnificent sense of smell to find target odors. In NACSW scentwork, dogs search in each of the four "elements": interior, exterior, vehicle, and container for essential oils: Birch, Anise, and Clove. Dogs learn to work in real-life search environments such as parks, schools, churches, warehouses, etc., ignoring distractions and adapting to variable conditions. Handlers love this sport because it builds teamwork and gives our dogs a chance to show us their sniffing super powers! Dogs love it because they take the lead and use their natural talents to solve puzzles that earn them big rewards! Nose Work is a great way to build confidence, independence, focus, resilience, and strengthen the bond you share with your dog.




All classes are taught by Kaylee Anagnos, ANWI

K9 Nose Work® FAQ

When should my dog start Nose Work?

Any age! Nose Work is appropriate for all dogs of all ages, breeds, and abilities. 

Puppy: build confidence, drive, independence, and teamwork– all foundational skills for a strong bond and good working relationship

Adolescent: channel all of that extra energy into a fun, tiring game that you can play anywhere, anytime

Adult: a great enrichment activity, or if you have a competitive streak– Nose Work is a competitive dog sport offered in multiple venues (NACSW, AKC, UKC, USCSS, to name a few)

Senior: keep their mind sharp, and bodies active with this low-impact, easy-to-learn sport

My dog is reactive. Can we join K9 Nose Work classes?

Yes! The only behavioral requirement is that your dog is not aggressive towards people. Dogs in our Nose Work classes work one at a time, resting between turns in the car. That way, dogs who are reactive or sensitive to the pressure of other dogs may still participate just the same as everyone else. We work at your dog’s individual pace, so shy, fearful, and sensitive dogs are welcome, but may take longer to progress through the class. 

Will Nose Work help my dog’s reactivity? 

While K9 Nose Work is a great tool for building relaxation, focus, confidence, and independence, it is not a behavior modification program and we do not guarantee that it will reduce reactivity.

My dog is not food motivated, can we still play Nose Work? 

Yes! Dogs begin Nose Work foundation by searching for “primary” reward. This can be either food or a toy, but the approach to training is slightly different depending on which one your dog responds best to. 

I am hesitant to keep my dog in the car between their turns. How will we ensure their comfort and safety? 

All participating dogs are expected to be secured inside of their vehicle between turns. They may be tethered, crated, or loose if the car is closed. Students will be present in the parking lot between turns to check on dogs and cars. While we do recommend watching your classmates’ dogs search as part of the learning experience, we understand the desire to wait with your dog in the car between turns if it provides more comfort or security to you and your dog.